I will jump (Jump) For Your Love

I will jump (Jump) For Your Love

Here they are, in alphabetical order because I don’t have favorites. Well, I do, but I would never put that on a website. That would be a dumb move. Come join the party with all of these HEROES!

Yoni Alkan

Loryn Barbeau

Bawdy Storytelling!

Randi Bergey

Andrew Dixon

Susanna E Garrett

Dana Hanna

Jodi Harary

Anthony Harrison

Jared Hirsch

Sean Iske

Lilan Kane

Phil Koehl

Debra Marx

Matt Roads

Alexis Rossi.

Tana Sabatino

Jacqui Schnieder

Michael Shiono

Kyle M. Terrizzi

Brandon Tesar

Elizabeth Van Orden

Nadia Vanilla

Gabriela Welch

Noël Wharton-Wright

Emily Yates

HONORABLE MENTIONS (for one-time donations)

Amanda Hanzlik

Marla Mirtleman