You’ve reached the online hub for Jefferson Bergey, a Bay Area musician and jackass at large.

I’m happy (and terrified) to announce that I’ve started a Patreon page! More about that in the ABOUT section. Go ahead and read that and think it over.

You can always find me Monday nights at Scopo Divino in San Francisco playing (Inappropriate) Adult Contemporary Music for immature adults! 7-9pm FREE (21+ and NSFKids!)

The 100th show is coming up on Monday, April 22nd. You should probably make reservations for that. Call the restaurant!

Right after that, I’ll be out on vacation but have fantastic musicians covering for me!

April 29th: Roem Baur, May 6th: Peter Feliciano, and May 13th: Tasche Cryer!

Otherwise, I hope to see you out and about at a show soon!


Here’s some other fun shows coming up:

I’m returning to Seattle on Saturday, April 13th!!

I’m returning to Seattle on Saturday, April 13th!!


(NSFW) Video from Punchline SF/Bawdy Storytelling/SF Sketchfest!

Here's a video of 'Come For Me' from my recent performance at Punchline SF in Bawdy Storytelling's SF Sketchfest show. It was a really fun show. Don't watch this at work, you'll get in trouble. Don't get in trouble. Well, do whatever you want, just don't blame it on me when your boss asks about the vibrator noises coming from your cubicle.

January/February 2017



Happy New Year!

Happy to share that this Tuesday, January 23rd I will be making my second appearance in SF Sketchfest at the Punchline SF with Bawdy Storytelling! I have a brand new tune to share that's just as inappropriate as every song I've contributed over the past three years.

The Risqué Residency at Scopo Divino continues, EVERY MONDAY NIGHT!


Yes. I'm still doing my thing every guhd-dern Monday night from 7-9pm at Scopo Divino in SF. It's an interactive show where I play my inappropriate original music, take ridiculous requests, and play games such as 'Let's Negotiate a Cover' and 'The Michael Jackson Game' while making faces like this classy one pictured above. It's a free show, but you need to pay for your glass of wine because it's illegal not to. Come get weird with me.

The Resurrection of FREESTONE PEACHES: A Tribute to the Allman Brothers Band


Having faced more personnel changes than the band we're paying tribute to, I'm happy to announce that Freestone Peaches is back in rehearsal. The reboot officially makes its debut on Sunday, April 8th at Ashkenaz in Berkeley. It's an early show! Come get your Allman's fix with time to have dinner and go to bed at a decent time. We know, you're tired.


Finally, I thought I would let you know that I've been in the studio recording new solo acoustic songs with Jon Devoto of The Matches fame. Tapper Dan even makes an appearance as well. Four out of five songs are currently in the can for an EP I plan on calling 'OH DEAR'. Another session is happening in February at Zoo Labs in Oakland to record 'Always Up (To Go Down)' with Natalie Smith of Cape Weather. So yeah, some sh*t is happening around here.

Thanks for peering in to my world. Hope you got some answers.


Hello from Oakland

(In case you're already exhausted from this update, here's the quick and dirty...)

1. Music Comedy Battle Of The Bands next Wednesday (10/11/17)
2. Bawdy Storytelling in Seattle and San Francisco    (10/12 and 10/19)                                           3. Scopo Divino residency continues, every Monday night (Yeah, EVERY MONDAY NIGHT!)


1. ^^A WEEK FROM TONIGHT!^^ (I'm aiming for sixth place.)


2. TWO Thursdays of Bawdy Storytelling!

Thursday, October 12th @ Re-Bar: Seattle
Thursday, October 19th @ Verdi Club: San Francisco

Tickets and info @




(They haven't fired me yet!)

My weekly residency continues at Scopo Divino in San Francisco where I play a mix of (inappropriate) originals and who-the-hell-coulda-seen-that-coming covers inspired by whomever yells sh*t out at me.

7-9pm EVERY MONDAY: FREE AF. And the food/wine is fantastic AF. 


That's all for now. Regardless of your comprehension level, thanks for "reading".


San Francisco Residency and MY Bawdy Story!

Hello there, 

For all of you who enjoy an extensive wine list and fantastic food to pair with my musical shenanigans, I'm happy to announce that I've been playing a weekly, Monday night residency at Scopo Divino in San Francisco. ( 2800 California St, San Francisco, CA 94115) The show is interactive, inappropriate, and incredibly fun. I play different songs every week, take requests, and heckle the audience. Especially those on awkward dates. Other than that, it's pretty classy.  I mean, just look at this place!

It tastes even better than it looks. Can you believe it?!

It tastes even better than it looks. Can you believe it?!

I'm there every Monday* from 7-9 pm and it's FREE.....but bring money if you wanna eat and drink. Trust me, you DO.

(*Almost! I will be out of town on Monday, July 24th, but my talented friend Tasche will be filling in.)

No songs....instead, MY story!

No songs....instead, MY story!

The newest Bawdy Storytelling podcast , titled 'Love Triangle' features a story I told on stage this past December. After writing songs for Dixie and her show for the past two years it was incredibly challenging to step out of my comfort zone and share one of my stories of sexual adventure...instead of writing a ridiculous song. This is REALLY NSFW. It's also a little emotional. Sorry about that. If you're new to her podcast, it's really entertaining and was recently named one of the best sex podcasts by Esquire. My music has been featured on the podcast before, but this is something entirely different. Subscribe and listen at your own risk! You just might want to pitch her a story for a future show...

January/February 2017


  Thrilled to be making my SF Sketchfest debut!

Thrilled to be making my SF Sketchfest debut!

Wednesday, January 25th
Bawdy Storytelling in SF Sketchfest
Punchline Comedy Club
Tickets and info HERE


                    ...with Rachel Lark, Jefferson Bergey, and more!

Saturday, February 4th @ Doc's Lab in SF

Thursday, February 9th @ Awaken Cafe in Oakland

More info HERE

Just because no one buys music these days doesn't mean you can't. Be a hero. Buy music.

Just because no one buys music these days doesn't mean you can't. Be a hero. Buy music.


'Come For Me' is now available to purchase on iTunes/CD Baby (thanks!) or stream at Spotify and other popular streaming services. NSFW and NSF most people NOT at work, actually.

Oh, and I forgot to share my (now not-so) recent interview with David Colón on 'Behind the Mynd'. Listen HERE, see!

Thanks for humoring me, humoring you. Hope to see you at a show very soon. It's a new year, so stay out of prison. I hear it's horrible in there.



December 2016

1. SOLD OUT Come For Me CD release show!
2. Get your copy and an inappropriate holiday greeting!
3. Behind the Mynd radio and house concert in Oakland
4. Bawdy Storytelling! (this time I'm not playing music...)

Let the holidays begin!

Thanks tomy email-list elite, the Come For Me record release house concert sold the &*%# out in less than 36 hours! I have some fun surprises up my sleeves and I'm really looking forward to it. If you've purchased a ticket, but can't attend, LET ME KNOW as there's already a sizeable wait-list.

For those of you who snoozed and want to be a part of the record release, I'm happy to announce that the records are ready to ship! Simply reach out via the contact on this site and I'll provide my paypal/venmo information for you to purchase a copy. You'll have it in your shaky hands in a few business days.

Act now and I'll even throw in one of my annual inappropriate holiday cards. In case you missed last year's, well, I can't post it here for NSFW-related reasons. But this year's is in a similar vein...

(((...Oh you don't wanna buy the record now, but you do want an inappropriate holiday card?! FINE! Be one of the first five to email me with your snail mail address and I'm happy to send you something that your kids/relatives/the clergy should probably not see on the fridge...)))

If this just won't suffice and you need to see a show, you're in LUCK. How bout a house concert/party in Oakland? Mark your calendar! Friday, December 30th details to follow soon on this here website.

....Or you could tune in later today to hear my third appearance on Behind the Mynd (go to the Studio 2B stream) or www.fccfreeradio.com from 4-6pm.

And finally, I'm happy to announce that I will be performing at the next local Bawdy Storytelling show on Wednesday, December 14th. Except this time, I'm not singing dirty songs. That's right. I'm telling a story. This is a truly unique opportunity and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little freaked out about it. The show is titled, 'Happy Endings'. RSVP and ticket link are right HERE.

That's all for now. Thanksgiving is behind us. That means Christmas music is now legal until December 26th. Choose wisely. I'm starting with this little slice of yule-tide delight right HERE.

Thanks again for reading, and tolerating me in general.

((((gong/sleigh bell noise)))


Come For Me.....has arrived!

A week from tonight, I'll be revealing 'Come For Me', an album of filthy, inappropriate songs inspired by Bawdy Storytelling. As promised, I'll be presenting my muse, Dixie De La Tour with the FIRST copy and sharing the details of its glorious release. (HEH.) Special thanks to Kyle M. Terrizzi for producing, engineering, and suffering me and also Ryan Clark for the audio shine...

Coming soon.....

Coming soon.....

'Come For Me' on the Bawdy Storytelling Podcast!

It's my pleasure to plug my buddy and muse, Dixie De La Tour, and her fabulous new Bawdy Storytelling podcast!

Episode #1? Dan Savage! Episode #2 features my tune, 'Come For Me'. Download it. Put it in your ears. Then shove it in someone else's! Get it HERE.

And JUST in case you were wondering, I'll be making my triumphant return to her Bawdy Storytelling show two weeks from tonight, Wednesday, November 9th!


If 2015 was cool, 2016 will be Miles Davis.

Greetings from Oakland, California. I'm currently preparing to play a VERY special Bawdy Storytelling show tonight at the JCCSF. Yup. The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. The show is part of a series called 'Uninhibited: About Sex'. More info on that right HERE.

There's been a lot of range in my performance schedule this past month. Couple of wedding with Lucky Devils Band, a funeral, some comedy shows, TWO Bawdy Storytelling shows and a private gig where I was hired by Ivy Hill Entertainment to play a set of David Bowie songs. Which is why I looked like this:

Not exactly a rough day at the office. 

Finally, the record. 'Come For Me' is arriving soon. YES, THIS IS HAPPENING. Recorded and witnessed by Kyle M. Terrizi who is an immense talent in the Bay Area and a dear friend, the album consists of twelve songs recorded live. No overdubs. Just me, singing and playing in front of a couple of mics. Blemished and blunt, lewd, juvenile, and incredibly inappropriate, this record should NOT be played around children or the ultra-conservative. Most of the songs were inspired by Dixie De La Tour and my numerous appearances at Bawdy Storytelling over the past year. Your dirty uncle will love it. I know that mine will!

 Release announcements will be surfacing soon. Calm down. 

Thanks for stopping by. Now, SCRAM. And I mean that in the most affectionate way possible. 


I'm thrilled to announce that this Thursday night, November 12th, Bawdy Storytelling will be in Chicago at Martyrs' for its first show in the windy city. I'll be providing pre-show entertainment and music to accompany the BANG-O intermission. Tickets are available here or at the door. I should be hitting the stage at 7:30pm. This show is not for prudes/people who are angered by the design of a Starbucks holiday cup. But it is for the open-minded, sex and body-positive, pervs, and pranksters alike. You've never seen a show like this. Come hear a song and a story. Maybe you'll be inspired to be in the next Bawdy show and tell YOUR story of sexual adventure. Just sayin....



TONIGHT I make my Bawdy Storytelling debut!

I am beyond excited to announce that tonight I will be performing at not one but TWO shows at Bawdy Storytelling in San Francisco! The theme of the first show is 'Alter-Ego:Sexual Superhero' for which I have created a tune exclusively for Dixie De La Tour and her show....amongst other, well, surprises! The second show is titled 'Slippery Slope' which will feature different tunes from the first! Get tickets! https://www.facebook.com/events/338360166357561/

Musicomedy Showcase coming up at 50 Mason Social House: Feb. 19th!

In less than two weeks, I'll be hosting a free musicomedy showcase at 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco with Raum Dee, headliner Mikey Walz, and Emily Yates (who does everything). Emily and I shot a little promo video and she made this whimsical poster for the show as well. It's going to be a fun night full of adult content driven by childish behavior!

(This guitar may not quite be to scale...or color)

(This guitar may not quite be to scale...or color)

Happy New Year

January, 2015

Oh. Hey. I was just cuddling with 2014 and pillow talking about all that has transpired. We're sweaty and depleted but far from satiated. Let's cue the cascading harps that would ideally accompany a hazy dream sequence and re-play some of the hot, poly-amorous action from all the musical endeavors of the year. Was it good for you? It was good for me. Here's why. Ooh. Hey now. That tickles. 

((((dramatic descending harp sounds))))

*With High Beamz, there was northwest tour and later shared the stage with Garaj Mahal alums Eric Levy and Kai Eckhardt, opening up for members of String Cheese Incident at The Independent in San Francisco.

*A concept video with Fish Eye Films for 'Baby Soon'.

*Began teaching at OpenVoice Studios in Noe Valley. 

*Performed at almost 40 weddings, corporate events, and local showcases. Got to sing in some absolutely stunning settings in Carmel Valley,  all over wine country, and all the way down to Big Sur with Lucky Devils Band and Suite Love Express. 

*Played a  handful of variety/comedy shows in the city. A few people laughed at me. They were supposed to. At least I think those were laughs. That or I provided an ideal musical sound-bed for people to clear their throats to. It's a niche market. 

* Played a KC Turner Presents house concert opening for Danielle Ate the Sandwich where she and I shared our disdain for Train and love of 80's sitcoms.

*continued to bark out the southern-rock blues with Freestone Peaches with an ever-changing lineup and some incredibly solid performances. 

The biggest highlight had to have been meeting/working with some incredible musicians this year and performing for thousands of people. Whether or not any of them were actually listening doesn't really concern me because I continue to have a great time doing it. Thank you musicians and music appreciators. Good to know in this crazy ADD button-pushing, hyper-critical, cruel and selfish world, that you're still out there. Let's do more of all that real soon. Not the cruel and selfish stuffs, I'm talking about the music stuffs, just to clarify.

((((sound of harp falling down a spiral staircase))))

Oooh. That also tickles. Stop it, 2014! That's it. We're through. It's not me, it's you. With that in mind, here's what's on the slab for January 2015:

*W/ High Beamz:
Thursday, January 15th @ Torch Club, Sacramento (21+)
Friday, January 23rd @ Boom Boom Room, San Francisco (21+)(opening for Heavy Pets)

*Musicomedy: Amnesia (Headlining) (21+)
Tuesday, January 20th: 7pm

*Hopmonk Novato (solo acoustic in the beer garden)
FREE/All ages:
Sunday, January 4th: 5-8pm
Sunday, January 11th: 5-8pm
Saturday, January 17th: 1-4pm
Saturday, January 24th 5-8pm

*Lucky Devils Band Showcase (FREE and open to the public, 21+)
@ Neck of the Woods, San Francisco 8-9pm

Hope to see your face at a show soon. Hopefully that face is still connected to your body. Otherwise that would mean you've been seriously injured or I'm hallucinating. Or you're hallucinating and I'm about to be seriously injured. I'm not hoping for any of that. 

Merry New Year!

((((gong noise))))

Jefferson Bergey