Jefferson Bergey
Photo by Jay R. Houghton

Over the last five years, Chicago-native Jefferson Bergey has built a sustainable life by performing, educating, and creating music in the Bay Area. 

When singing on his best behavior, Bergey is a sought-after private event vocalist, M.C., and consultant for the award-winning Lucky Devils Band as well as a solo artist for Ivy Hill Entertainment. He IS the wedding singer. He's on the path to performing at every vineyard, golf course, barrel or tasting room, banquet or ball room as far north as Redwood Valley, east to Tahoe, and all the way down to Big Sur.  If there's a beautiful view or a renovated barn nearby, Bergey's probably been on stage wearing a three-piece suit and singing songs from the last seventy years of poplar music.

 With Lucky Devils Band, Bergey performs all over Northern California and most recently Hawaii and Barcelona. Late last year he and the band were the cover story of the San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday arts and entertainment supplement, Datebook. As a vocalist and he's performed on a variety of stages at venues such as Sweetwater, The Independent, the JCC of San Francisco, The John Steinbeck Association, Special Olympics Summer Games in Long Beach, and Facebook

 Alongside his busy performance calendar he maintains a full schedule as a voice coach for beginning singers at the Starland School of Music in Alameda and privately at his studio in North Oakland. 

When he isn't performing in a family-friendly environment, Bergey takes great delight in participating in shows that could very well be considered family-unfriendly.  Bergey writes and performs his own unique genre of (Immature) Adult Contemporary in various comedy shows, podcasts, story-telling events, and house concerts. It's coffee shop singer-songwriter folk music... if the coffee shop also sold sex toys and sativa gummy bears. Definitely not for the very young or the very old and quite possibly conservative. 

 Most notably he's become a regular performer in San Francisco's Bawdy Storytelling for which he writes custom songs for host and creator Dixie De La Tour. He's releasing of an album of live studio takes titled 'Come For Me', inspired by and largely comprised of those sex-centric Bawdy compositions. The title song which features him Tuvan throat-singing, also appeared on Kevin Allison's popular RISK! podcast. 

You can occasionally see him on the predictable social media outlets as well as on Spotify and Itunes. You can alos hire him for your private event through the contact page of this here website.

Or this: "Shower Time: A pre-emptive apology for the music of Jefferson Bergey"