You’ve reached the online hub for Jefferson Bergey, a Bay Area musician and jackass at large.

I’m happy (and terrified) to announce that I’ve started a Patreon page! More about that in the ABOUT section. Go ahead and read that and think it over.

You can always find me Monday nights at Scopo Divino in San Francisco playing (Inappropriate) Adult Contemporary Music for immature adults! 7-9pm FREE (21+ and NSFKids!)

The 100th show is coming up on Monday, April 22nd. You should probably make reservations for that. Call the restaurant!

Right after that, I’ll be out on vacation but have fantastic musicians covering for me!

April 29th: Roem Baur, May 6th: Peter Feliciano, and May 13th: Tasche Cryer!

Otherwise, I hope to see you out and about at a show soon!


Here’s some other fun shows coming up:

I’m returning to Seattle on Saturday, April 13th!!

I’m returning to Seattle on Saturday, April 13th!!