If 2015 was cool, 2016 will be Miles Davis.

Greetings from Oakland, California. I'm currently preparing to play a VERY special Bawdy Storytelling show tonight at the JCCSF. Yup. The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. The show is part of a series called 'Uninhibited: About Sex'. More info on that right HERE.

There's been a lot of range in my performance schedule this past month. Couple of wedding with Lucky Devils Band, a funeral, some comedy shows, TWO Bawdy Storytelling shows and a private gig where I was hired by Ivy Hill Entertainment to play a set of David Bowie songs. Which is why I looked like this:

Not exactly a rough day at the office. 

Finally, the record. 'Come For Me' is arriving soon. YES, THIS IS HAPPENING. Recorded and witnessed by Kyle M. Terrizi who is an immense talent in the Bay Area and a dear friend, the album consists of twelve songs recorded live. No overdubs. Just me, singing and playing in front of a couple of mics. Blemished and blunt, lewd, juvenile, and incredibly inappropriate, this record should NOT be played around children or the ultra-conservative. Most of the songs were inspired by Dixie De La Tour and my numerous appearances at Bawdy Storytelling over the past year. Your dirty uncle will love it. I know that mine will!

 Release announcements will be surfacing soon. Calm down. 

Thanks for stopping by. Now, SCRAM. And I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.